reptile party bookingBirthday parties, Snakebusters® Australia's best reptiles.

Birthday parties with reptiles in Melbourne are always a hit with Snakebusters.  Although Raymond Hoser invented reptile parties way back in the 1970’s there are countless imitators worldwide and also in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia as well as pretty much every other big city in Australia.

Reptiles either scare or attract people and their interests and as a drawcard at any birthday party or event are always a hard act to beat.

However most reptile show companies in Australia and all others in Victoria do “show and tell” only, or worse still are boring “static” displays.  In Melbourne, Victoria there is only one hands-on reptile display company that actually lets the kids hold the reptiles and that is Snakebusters.

Kids are often smarter than the adults and it’s rare for kids not to want to hold the reptiles.  In a kids reptile party situation, once the first child holds a snake or lizard, the rest want to follow suit.

If the kids have to wait a long time for their turn, they’ll get bored and go “feral” and that’s why Snakebusters always bring along lots of each kind of reptile, so that kids never have to wait long for their turn to hold the animals.

At a lot of kids birthday parties in Melbourne, the adults get into the live reptiles more than the kids and Snakebusters also trumps all other reptile display companies when it comes to dealing the with the adults as well.

While most other reptile show companies are run by novices with just a few years experience with reptiles, Snakebusters is owned and managed by the Snake Man Raymond Hoser, who is Australia’s unrivalled expert when it comes to all things reptile and wildlife.  Hoser has written the definitive books “Australian Reptiles and Frogs”, “Endangered Animals of Australia” and seven other definitive books.

Having also published hundreds of leading scientific papers, there’s no one who is better placed to answer questions from intersted adults than Raymond Hoser and his personally trained staff.

In other words any reptile birthday party is likely to go down well, but only a Snakebusters reptile party will be the biggest hit of all.  That’s why Snakebusters are known as Australia’s best reptiles for all things reptiles, including reptile parties in Victoria, kids reptile shows, adult reptile parties, corporate events, shows and expos and as well as agricultural show snake displays and the like.

It is almost impossible for any company to get a legally enforceable and exclusive right to be able to state that they are better than all their competitors.  Only Snakebusters has this right in the reptile industry.  The trademarks office gave Snakebusters the trademark Australia’s best reptiles because their kid’s reptile shows, reptile parties in Melbourne and the like were quantifiably better than all others.

For the customer, the choice is always easy…the best reptile parties are with Snakebusters and the best any other company can be is only “second best” at best!