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There’s no person, living or dead who’s done more for wildlife conservation in Australia than the snake man Raymond Hoser.
His books and scientific papers from 1980 onwards have inspired many, including 1990's TV “personalities” like Steve Irwin and others, who have in their own various ways attempted to spread the conservation message.
Hoser was first in Australia to highlight the destructive impact of Cane Toads on our wildlife, way back in the 1970’s. As the campaign gathered steam, corrupt bureaucrats labelled Hoser as “delusional” for daring to suggest the the government sanctioned introduction of Cane Toads could possibly have a downside.
In the 1970’s through to the 1990’s Hoser gave Australia’s wildlife back to Australians by reversing draconian laws that prohibited Australians from keeping any native animals (including reptiles) as pets.
It was Hoser’s books, “Smuggled” published in 1993 and “Smuggled-2” published in 1996 that forced the governments of the day to reverse their idiot laws and allow private people to keep reptiles and other native animals for the first time.
It was these changes, more than anything else, brought as a result of Hoser’s determination, that led to a re-awakening of a conservation mindset in Australians. In terms of science, no other person has made as many ground-breaking discoveries about reptiles than Australia’s Snake Man, Raymond Hoser.
There are too many “firsts” to list here, but suffice to say that without Hoser’s discoveries, reptile keeping in Australia would still be in “the dark ages”.
In recent times, Raymond Hoser has taken reptile education to a new level, with Australia’s only hands on reptile shows, that allow people to handle the animals, as opposed to merely getting up close.
Pioneered by Hoser and Snakebusters were hands-on kids parties with reptiles, mobile reptile shows that bring out deadly snakes in a totally safe manner, using the world’s first successfully surgically devenomized snakes, now called venomoids.
Snakebusters school reptile incursions are without doubt the best value and most educational reptile shows in Australia, again being alone in letting all the kids hold pretty much everything, including snakes, crocodiles and more.
Snakebusters have also pioneered corporate reptile shows, team building in Melbourne, major corporate shows and dangerous snake shows for various groups who in the past never had the opportunity to see them. This includes for kinder reptile shows, where for the first time ever, deadly species could be brought into places to show young kids, close up and in total safety.
If they say imitation is the best form of flattery, no one has had more imitators than Raymond Hoser and Snakebusters.

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