reptile party bookingSnakebusters® media, TV and the like.

Snakebusters are industry leaders in terms of all things media.

Whether it be supplying reptiles, reptile handlers or expert commentary, Raymond Hoser and Snakebusters have been trusted names for accurate information spanning more than three decades.

Forget the fly-by-night operators with newly acquired reptile licences who have no verifiable experience beyond a few short years.

Snakeman Raymond Hoser has supplied all manner of reptiles for TV film clips, advertisements, as far back as the 1970’s when he supplied reptiles for movie cinema news clips and ABC TV!

In the 1980’s he was the first to supply reptiles for the then new music video industry, his reptiles appearing in numerous film clips.

And so the story goes on.

News media across Australia seek out the snake man for authoritative commentary on all things reptile and snake.

In fact this expertise is global, with Raymond Hoser being flown around the world to address conferences and teach people the correct way to deal with reptiles.

If thinking about using reptiles in any way for TV, media or pretty much anything else, you can’t go past Australia’s best reptiles – Snakebusters!

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