reptile party bookingSnakebusters® staff training for our Melbourne reptile parties and other reptile displays, school shows and similar.

Training of staff at Snakebusters is something we take very seriously.

Nothing is left to chance.

Before our staff are employed, we go through all the usual things, criminal records checks, WWC Checks and the rest.

Then we go a few steps further. We make our own investigations of the character and integrity of our staff, before going through the interview process.

This isn’t particularly hard for those we employ, but from our end is critically important.

We want our staff to present well and be “likeable” by anyone, or near enough anyone … yes there are some people we will never please!

Staff must present well, be fit and healthy, yes it’s all part of the Snakebusters corporate image.

After all, at kids parties, the children will want to be entertained by a friendly person of good health and presentation, rather some unfriendly, fat, smoking alcohol drinking person.  Then of course our staff have to be knowledgeable about the subject at hand, namely reptiles, wildlife and the like.

For this, all our staff go through the best training course in the industry, namely that done by the Snake Man himself, Ray Hoser.

At the end of the course, staff know all the essentials, including how to handle snakes and all other reptiles in a way that doesn’t harm the reptiles or the handler.

We do not use metal tongs to attack reptiles with or torment them in any other way.

Snakebusters are world leaders in animal welfare and besides our staff we educate everyone else along similar lines.

All this means that when Snakebusters turns up at your venue, whether for a birthday party, a corporate team building event, school reptile show, child care centre reptile show, or whatever, the staff will be friendly, well-presented and knowledgeable and be expert and entertaining and educating the guests, no matter how old or young they are and in the face of almost any other variables thrown at them.

The Snakebusters staff are just one of several reasons that in a rare move, the Trademarks office gave Snakebusters legally enforceable exclusive rights to state that they are “the best” in the Australian reptile industry.

When it comes to expert trained staff, immaculately healthy reptiles, safe venomous snake shows, or Australia’s only hands on reptiles, it comes down to Snakebusters being Australia’s best reptiles®.

Put another way, Snakebusters are “the best”, and all other imitators for reptile parties, snake shows, or similar are simply “the rest”.

If you want “hands-on reptiles” get the best, … demand Snakebusters.

For “hands off” reptiles get any other reptile or wildlife show!

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