reptile party bookingSnakebusters® how we spend our money!

Everyone loves Snakebusters and the fact that they are the only hands-on reptiles shows in Australia. People live the de-demonization of snakes and other reptiles and the fact they can handle the animals in a safe and controlled environment.
But what happens to the money you pay to Snakebusters?
Unfortunately about a third of it all is totally wasted and may as well be flushed down the toilet. That part's the GST and other taxes we pay, that Federal and State governments and their bureaucrats waste lining their own pockets and working out more ways to make life hard for us. Most of the rest is spent on living expenses and keeping our reptiles in the best shape for you, our customers and our next group of people we want to educate.
When there is money left over, it is invested in wildlife conservation and research in one way or other. Snakebusters have funded most Herpetological (reptile) Societies in Australia, as well as numerous other widlife charities. We are careful with whom we support as a number of so-called charities are no more than fronts for commercial enterprises with no real interest in wildlife or conservation. Snakebusters have also funded the Australasian Journal of Herpetology, which is one of the world's leading scientific publications about reptiles and other wildlife maters. In recent times, Snakebusters and Raymond Hoser has taken the reptile education side of things to new levels of excellence. That's also over and above Australia’s only hands on reptile show, that lets people handle the animals, as opposed to merely getting up close and "looking".
Pioneered by Hoser and Snakebusters was hands-on kids parties with reptiles, mobile reptile parties that bring out deadly snakes in a totally safe manner, using the world’s first successfully surgically devenomized snakes, now called venomoid snakes.
Snakebusters school reptile shows are without doubt the best value and most educational reptile shows in Australia, again being alone in letting all the kids hold pretty much everything, including snakes, crocodiles and more. All this costs a small fortune to run and this is where most of our "profits" go ... just to keeping the show on the road.
Snakebusters have also pioneered Melbourne corporate reptile shows, corporate team building in Melbourne, major corporate shows Melbourne and the only safe dangerous snake show in Australia for various groups who in the past never had the opportunity to see them. This includes for kinder reptile shows, where for the first time ever, deadly species could be brought into places to show young kids, close up and in total safety.
If they say imitation is the best form of flattery, no one has had more imitators than Raymond Hoser and Snakebusters.

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